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Summary Of The Three Selves

The Lower Self

The Middle Self

The Higher Self

Automatic or Autonomic Self. This is the conscious and awake self, the personality. The highest level of human consciousness.
It operates 24 hours every day, 365 days each year. It never sleeps nor rests. It operates only while we are awake. It is connected to the Universal Intelligence (the Godhead).
Its center is in the Solar Plexus Its center is in our head area. It exists outside and to one side of the head.
It takes orders from and is commanded by the middle self. It is involved with the business of the day. Conducts functions like talking, thinking and movement. It can only communicate with the lower self and with the Intelligence of the Universe.
Its purpose is three-fold: Its purpose is two fold: Its purpose is three fold:
a) Manages all unconscious bodily functions: beats the heart, digests food and maintains all memories.

b) Supports survival. This includes managing the Fight or Flight, Stress Mechanism as well as the immune and defensive systems of the body. In addition it manages the Healing and Repair Systems of the body.

c) Makes sure that the middle self gets everything it wants and needs. All the middle self has to do is ask for what it wants. It need merely to create a thought of what it wants and the lower self will make it happen.


a) To maintain survival, it finds food and shelter. It creates ego pursuits such as hobbies and career.

b) Creates civilization and civilizes the lower self. It makes judgments and issues commands to the lower self. Since the middle self is the personality its commands always inherently have within them its own particular viewpoint of the world, its likes and dislikes.

c) To get what it wants, the middle self gives commands to the lower self and then expects that it will give it what it wants. It often confuses itself with the lower self


a) It is our connection to the Intelligence of the Universe, the Godhead.

b) Connects us with the essence of Mankind and Mankind with all other conscious elements of the Universe.

c) Makes available to us all the potential of "heaven," the bounty of the Universe. This occurs through a specially constructed prayer. It creates "miracles" upon request.

d) The Higher Self is not concerned with survival of the physical body. It knows the three spirits survive the physical realm at death.

The lower self remembers everything, past and present, and maintains this information to help the middle self to create its future. It has a only short-term memory and relies on the lower self for long term memory and recall. The Higher Self is beyond time and space. It has no equivalent of memory. It knows all and sees all.
It is often related to the Western concepts of unconsciousness or subconsciousness. However, it is never actually unconscious. The middle self can be illogical. It has likes and dislikes and possesses intellect and intuition. The Higher Self is selfless and in the realm of what might be called the Superconscious.
It is generally considered to be our animal or nature spirit. It is generally considered to be the human spirit. It is generally known as the Father or the Mother, or as the Holy Spirit.
It is ruled by internal (genetic) laws and it has an inherent wisdom, yet it constantly learns from the middle self. It is ruled as much by its likes, wants and desires as it is by external events and forces. It wants to be socially correct and craves love. The Higher Self operates under the rules of the Intelligence of the Universe. These rules, as we usually think of God, are unknowable.
It can only think deductively. It uses both inductive and deductive logic. It has free choice and makes decisions about almost everything. The Higher Self is neither logical nor illogical. It is Truth.
It serves the social aspect of the middle self as well as the physical needs of the body. It plays social roles, imitates, speaks in words, uses emotions positively or negatively. It has no equivalence in earthly terms.
It holds all emotions and manifests them through bodily feelings, physical signs and sensations often thought of as symptoms. It manifests itself through emotions and feelings and reactions to these emotions and feelings. It manifests itself in truth. It can heal instantly.
It has a very literal mind, and always does what it is told. It asks no questions but it can, however, resist instructions. It has a rational and intuitional mind, it will think about and ponder questions. It cares about the evolution of the lower self to a middle self and the middle self to a new Higher Self.
It is designed as an achiever to complete goals and tasks as rapidly as possible. It is also designed as an achiever and goal setter. The Higher Self has been described as the "Totally Trustworthy, Totally Benevolent Parental Spirit."
The lower self is essentially a child, it is also a student and a servant. It is programmed to perform and grow, to learn and repeat by habit. It is more likely to be the initiator, teacher, parent or master. The Higher Self cannot act on its own. It must be asked by the middle self through the lower self.
Its subtle aka body is an etheric body and its energy is mana or life force. Its subtle aka body is the astral body and its energy is mana-mana or will power. Its subtle aka body is the auric body and its energy, Mana Loa, is Spiritual Energy.

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