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About the Authors

Allen Lawrence, M.A., M.D. Ph.D.
Lisa Lawrence, M.S., Ph.D.

Allen Lawrence, M.A., M.D. Ph.D.

Dr. Allen Lawrence is graduated from U.C. Irvine School of Medicine. He performed his internship at U.S.C. County General Hospital in Los Angeles, California. Upon completion of his internship Dr. Lawrence entered the U.S. Air Force as a Medical Officer. He spent the next two years both with military personnel and their families. Upon discharge from the Air Force he joined a General Practice in Los Angeles for one year. Dr. Lawrence then performed a residency training program in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Cedars Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, California.

Upon completion of his training Dr. Allen Lawrence went into private practice of Obstetrics and Gynecology in the West Los Angeles-Beverly Hills area. He practiced OB-Gyn for the next 11 years. During that time he delivered thousands of babies. These deliveries were not only in the hospital but many were delivered at home deliveries and in a non-hospital based birthing center. Throughout this period he never lost a single mother nor baby.

In 1985 Dr. Lawrence left the practice of OB-Gyn after developing a severe and incapacitating heart irregularity. After trying many different combinations of medication he ultimately recognized that his problem was primarily stress-related. Dr. Lawrence spent the next ten years learning about stress, healing and alternative healing systems. Eventually, this quest lead to the realm of prevention and healing people instead of waiting until they finally became sick. In 1980 he earned a Master's Degree in Nutrition and in 1984 a Ph.D. in Psychology. In 1984 and again in 1996 -1999 lived and practiced medicine in Hawaii on Maui, where we worked with several top kahuna and was trained in Huna, as a Master of Huna.

Dr. Allen Lawrence presently is on the staff of the Preventive Medicine Clinics of the Desert in Palm Springs, California where he practices Preventive and Wellness Medicine and Holistic Gynecology. Dr. Allen Lawrence is also President and Chairman of the Board for Allco Medical Enterprises, Inc. and Health Education Associates.

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Lisa Lawrence, M.S., Ph.D.

Lisa Lawrence has spent most of her adult life working in the medical profession. In the early 1980's Lisa's Premenstrual Syndrome became a major problem. Lisa, working with Dr. Allen Lawrence, researched the field of PMS. After learning its causes she was able to completely eliminate all of her symptoms. Using this work as her thesis, she was granted a Master of Science in Nutrition in 1984. In 1994, Dr. Lisa earned a Ph.D. in Human Ecology.

As Director of Nutritional Counseling Services at Reseda Woman's Center and later at DiversiCare Medical Group, Lisa has worked with more than 3,000 women. For more than fifteen years, Dr. Lisa has had a nutritional practice helping people with problems such as PMS, menopause, pregnancy nutrition, weight reduction, high blood pressure, diabetes and many other nutritional deficiency problems. Dr. Lisa also studied at the prestigious Genealogical Institutes of America (the GIA) where she learned to work with precious stones, and metals. Dr. Lisa creates healing jewelry and counsels in the use of semi-precious and precious gem stones and metals used to help healing.

Besides her nutritional practice Dr. Lisa Lawrence works with men and women counseling them on alternative and natural healing techniques and treats, Stress, Stress-Related Disorders, illnesses either created by stress or made worse by it.

Dr. Lisa Lawrence is presently the Educational Services Director for Health Education Associates, and Vice-President and Secretary of the Board, for Allco Medical Enterprises, Inc.

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Today Drs. Allen and Lisa have lectured to lay groups, professionals, medical doctors and nurses on healing, nutrition, prevention, wellness and alternative medicine. Working together they coauthored many books. Some of their publications include, A Doctor's Proven Nutritional Program for Conquering PMS published by Simon and Schuster, 30-Days To No More PMS and 30-Days To No More PMS, The Cookbook, ALLCO Publishing, Stress-Related Disorders, Illness an Intelligent Act of the Body ALLME Publishing, Huna, Ancient Miracle Healing Practices and the Future of Medicine released by Hanover House, 30-Days to No More Iron Deficiency Anemia, ALLCO Publishing.

The Lawrence’s are writers and educators managing some 14 websites including: Wellness on the Web© at YourPersonalWebMD.com, PreventiveMedicinePS.com, HolisticGynPS.com, iHealedMySelf.com several sites on Huna and AllenLawrenceMD.com

The Lawrence think of themselves as "Healers" working to prevent illness and heal individuals who cold not find the help they needed to cure or heal themselves through the standard Western Allopathic medical system. The Lawrence's now educate and counsel men and women in wellness and illness prevention. Their work is based on Integration of Mind, Body and Spirit and problem solving and Huna to prevent and heal illness.

The Lawrence's tell audiences:

"We will work with any person who suffers from an illness or problem that is not
being reversed, cured or improved through standard medical treatment.

We will also work with any persons who does not want to get sick and is ready to learn
and put into action what ever is needed to prevent illness or heal themselves."

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