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Huna Healing-3  


Life Force Energy Our Mana

Nothing alive exists without life force energy. The Huna master knew this. They recognized that when someone died they stopped breathing. They were without breath. Hence, breath or Ha and breathing became the symbol of this life force energy. Another symbol that was equally used was the symbol of water. In Huna whenever one talks about water or breathe they are generally really talking about human life force energy, specifically that of the lower self.

The life force energy of the lower self was called mana. It is basic energy that animates the body and runs the bodily processes. When the individual die's mana leaves the body, the body is no longer animated and biologic functions soon cease to exist. Here then is another way that the Huna master looks at illness, as though it were an imbalance of life force energy, either too much or too little and an inability of the lower self and middle self to use their energies correctly.

In Eastern philosophy this same breath is referred to as prana or chi. The Eastern master believes that when there is an imbalance of this life force energy, hence breath, this can lead to illness. Healing is often directly based on methods of correct breathing which ultimately rebalances the life force energy of the body. Certainly this is consistent with Huna. However, Huna goes even further as it not only recognizes the importance of breath, but also voice or the words, even the pictures we hold in mind, affect the way energy flows within the body. Huna tells us that this energy must flow freely between the lower self and the middle self and between the lower self and the Higher Self for ultimate good health and well-being. When this energy flow is blocked by faulty beliefs or wrong thinking, this too can lead to illness and disease. Hence, it is not just the energy of the lower self and the body that is important to wellness, but the flow of energy between the three selves.

Mana-Mana (Will Power)

The life force energy of the middle self is different. It can best be explained as will power. This is the power or ability of the middle self to make things happen by the force of will on part of the conscious aware self. Whenever we create an intention and act on it, we are using mana-mana.

It also differs from lower self mana only in that it is directed with conscious force. The middle self still must transmit this mana-mana to the lower self to produce mana to move the body, to act on the muscular system and make what is desired into a physical reality. Whenever a physical action from the lower self is needed on part of the middle self, both mana and mana-mana are required.

Will power operates at a higher vibrational level and is therefore, it is a more sophisticated and refined form of energy. It can be used in prayer to send our prayer message to the lower self where mana is created and added to the prayer.

Mana-Loa (Spiritual Energy)

Mana Loa is the highest vibrational energy. It exists both in the physical realm and in the spiritual realm. It can be thought of as spiritual energy or on the physical plane as the energy of healing. The Higher Self, as we suggested earlier, lives outside of physical reality and hence can see past, present and future.

Mana Loa can be used to change the future. In doing this it can help us to create our life to be anyway we want it to be. It can also be used to give us anything we desire. It is truly the energy of our own personal Aladdin's Lamp.

One of the most important roles of Mana Loa is in Huna Prayer. In Christianity most people believe that they must pray to God. Certainly, there is nothing wrong with this. Huna tells us that we must pray to our Higher Self, not as a deity not as a God, but as our guide and connection to the Godhead, and to the Intelligence of the Universe.

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