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Huna Healing-4

Our Aka Bodies

Each individual has three subtle bodies, one for each of the three selves. These subtle bodies are called aka bodies are referred to as the aka body of the lower self, the middle self and the Higher Self. They are also known as our shadow bodies, however, you more than likely have heard of them as our auras.

The aka bodies are also our spirit bodies. Some people theorize that each is the sum total of the individual energies of the physical body and the three selves. That is, the aka body of the lower self is the sum total of all of the energies of the physical body and the lower self while the aka body of the middle self is the sum total of the energies of the middle self and similarly with the Higher Self.

Each aka body is separate of the other, however each is connected to the other by a cord of energy referred to in Huna as an aka cord. The cord between the physical body and the lower self is generally called the Silver cord, while the cord between the lower self and the Higher Self is called the Golden cord. There is no cord between the middle self and the Higher Self and this is the reason why these two bodies cannot communicate directly.

While it is said that communication is sent either up or down the cord, it is really meant that messages are sent telepathically using the energy conduit of the cords to focus the message and to direct it to where it is being sent.

When the silver cord, the energy conduit between the lower self and the body is cut, the physical body loses its life source and death occurs. As long as the silver cord is intact, no matter where the lower self or its aka body are, physical life can exist. The aka bodies of the middle and lower selves can leave the physical body at will. We refer to this as astral travel. While the silver cord is intact, the aka bodies of the lower and middle selves can go anywhere at the speed of light directed only by their thoughts.

The aka body of the physical body is also aka body of the lower self. It contains a blue print of the structure of the body, its cells, organs and chemical and electrical processes. In healing, this blue print can be used to reconstruct injured organs and tissues. The ancient kahuna used this blue print for their instant healing as they would send mana (and possibly mana-mana or even Mana Loa) to the aka body of an injured or ill person calling on it to heal the body according to its blue print. Using this technique, they could create instant healing. This type of work was very similar to the biblical description of how Jesus healed. In Hawaiian, the word for disciple means those that come together to breathe. This implied that Jesus used breath to heal and that he may have joined forces with his disciples, as the kahuna were known to do, to create all sorts of miracles including instant healing or even raising the dead.

The aka body of the lower self surrounds the physical body and takes its shape. It holds copies of all of the memories that the lower self holds for both the physical body and the middle self. When separated it can create an exact duplicate physical body that can think, talk and walk. It can fully use its aka senses which are duplicate of the physical senses. This description allows us to consider that some of the documented stories where a person was known to be in two places at the same time could be answered and understood as the power of the aka bodies. Here the physical body is in one place, while the aka body taking a physical form could be in an entirely different place, often hundreds and even thousands of miles away.

The aka body of the Higher Self is said to reside slightly above the crown of the head and either to its left or right. This is the position that was often drawn in medieval paintings representing the crown or halo above the heads of Jesus and the other saints. It is also traditionally the same area where the king, queen, emperor and empress wear their crowns.

The Physical Body

The three selves and their aka bodies inhabit the physical body much like we live in our home or better still drive our automobile. As the driver of the automobile we may often think of our self as if we are the automobile. If we see an opening to go through, we think of ourselves as going through the opening. If the opening is tight, we may even cringe a little as we enter the opening even though we ourselves are within the automobile and protected by it.

When the silver cord is broken the body separates from us and we exist only as aka bodies. We think of this as death but in Huna there is no such thing as death. Our aka bodies and our three selves are simply energy. And as physics tells us energy can never be created nor destroyed. Hence we will exist for ever. Only the body dies and it is merely a shell that we have been using in this particular life. Overall, it is a little consequence to who we really are.

The life force energy we use, mana and mana-mana, are useful only while we have a body. They are necessary to help the body maintain its homeostasis and they are important for our overall survival, to allow us to move around, and to change the physical realm we live in. Mana Loa stays with the Higher Self. When death occurs, the aka bodies maintain mana and mana-mana for use in the next dimension.

The Soul

The soul is considered to be meaningless in Huna. While it exists, there is very little said about it. Instead, one may talk about spirit or the sum total of all the three selves operating in the physical world, yet unseen by themselves or by others. There is little more that can be said about the concept of the soul, however, it has a sense of hidden meaning which has not yet been fully disclosed.

The Purpose of Life

The overall purpose of life in Huna is in a sense, evolution. Inorganic energy or possibly better, inorganic consciousness, evolves to organic life and consciousness, then to plant life and consciousness, then to an animal form and consciousness (the lower self), and finally, into a human life-form with human consciousness (middle self). The lower self is essentially a highly evolved animal spirit. It has learned its lessons over many lifetimes and it becomes a lower self for the purpose of learning how to evolve itself to become fully human as a middle self.

According to Huna the role of the middle self therefore is not just survival of the body and the other two entities which inhabit it, but also to assist the lower self in eventually becoming a middle self. It does this by being its teacher and guide. If it does its work well, the lower self will one day become a middle self. It is also part of the middle self's role to evolve itself to eventually become a Higher Self. This is where the role of religion is supposed to help us, to know that we are evolving and for middle self to work with Higher Self to evolve. The role of the priesthood traditionally was not to preach religion, but to act as a guide or doorkeeper to assist members of the tribe or sect to grow, live the hurtless life and understand the principals of the Intelligent Universe that are needed for the middle self to die and be reborn as a Higher Self.

This is clearly seen in the way Long looks at the story of Jesus. He tells us that if we use the hidden Huna code it tells us that Jesus was a man (middle self) who was on the threshold of evolving to become a Higher Self. Long suggests that some of the time when Jesus refers to the Father, he is telling us he is a man who recognizes that not only he, but all of us, have Higher Selves. At other times Long tells us that Jesus has already evolved and talks to us as an evolved Higher Self. He is, in a sense, both a highly evolved middle self and a transfiguring Higher Self. He helps us to see both roles and how to move from one to the other. He tells us that death is not the end but rather a new dimension where we shepard those who become our flock, as a Higher Self.

Each aspect the three selves, along with their aka bodies and mana, have a sense of evolving from a lower level to a higher state. Much like we think of the Universe itself. The goal of the lower self is to become a middle self and the goal of the middle self is to evolve to become a Higher Self. The goal of the Higher Self is to become part of the Poe Aumakua and beyond this it is possible that there are higher and higher realms which one can ultimately evolve to.

Since life is about evolution, we should also now be clear that death is also about evolution. One cannot evolve past a certain level in a specific physical body. Hence, we are born, we grow, we learn, we evolve, we die, we shed our physical body and then we are reborn, to grow, learn, evolve, die and start the process all over once again. How long this goes on is unknown. It is possible that it continues until we evolve back into the form of the Godhead. It is probably obvious by now that this concept exists outside of time, space and measurement and outside of our ability to totally comprehend.

Therefore for the true believer of Huna, all that counts is right now, learning, growing, and living the hurtless life. This is what the Godhead asks of us. Our role ultimately is to work for and wait for the time when we reach the level of a Higher Self.

If we live more than one life, even many, it is likely that we will return in both male and female bodies, but our spirit may stay more male or more female. Hence, we have men trapped in women's body's and women in men's body's. Being sexist may delay our evolutionary goals, being open and living in love may speed them up.

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