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Huna Healing-7

The Role of Huna Prayer

These functions can all be done by using Huna prayer. To understand how Huna prayer can do this we must first know that Huna prayer is not the same as religious prayer. In a sense we can think of it as a blue print or plan, a business plan or mechanism for changing the future and creating what we want for our self and others. Examples of Huna type-prayers are common around us. Possibly the best example is that of our own country, the United States of America. It was in a clear sense created by a Huna prayer. The Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the United States are clearly Huna prayer mechanisms. There are also examples of negative Huna prayers that exist around us. The Nazi up rise and their take over of the German government was also done in the form of a Huna prayer.

It should be clear by now that one of the reasons that Huna was kept a secret was its potential to cause hurt to people. It can equally be used to help as well as hurt people. Used in the wrong hands it can cause injury, pain and suffering witness World War II and most all other wars. Used in the right way with care and attention not to cause intentional hurt to others and building in safe guards to make sure that this does not happen, it is a powerful tool for good.

The basis of Huna prayer was laid out for us in the biblical story of the sower. The seeds that were cast onto dry rock did not take hold, the seeds that were cast into fertile ground took hold and grew. In Huna what we ask for is symbolized as a seed. The fertile soil refers to setting everything right to begin with, preparing ourselves for what we ask for and for cleansing our self of all our guilt and our blocks and conflicts (rocks and stones also birds which eat the seeds) so that the path to the Higher Self is open and ready to bear fruit.

Water which is so essential to the growth of real seeds represents the mana (life force energy) that must be put into our prayer as breath, this is done so that our prayer can be sent to or given up to the Higher Self. The Higher Self then can create a change in the fabric of the future to make what we ask for come to fruition.

The fruit of the vine is the symbol of the manifestation of what we ask for. Mana from heaven or rain is the code for the blessings we receive when we use the Huna prayer process. Does any of this sound familiar?

The Pathway

There is another difference between Huna prayer and just praying. This is what is referred to as the "pathway" in Huna. When most people pray they generally become solemn and quite, they may get down on their hands and knees, they clasp their hands and look up to God. Then the say their prayer and get up and go their way. This is what most people believe is the way that you pray. While there is nothing wrong with this in substance, Huna tells us that there is another way to pray. It tells us that the prayer starts in the middle self where it is formulated as we will discuss in a minute and then it is sent down to the lower self (along the aka cord between the middle self and the lower self). According to Huna, only the lower self can communicate directly with the Higher Self. The middle self can talk and talk but the prayer, must first go to the lower self and then it is sent via the aka cord (the golden cord) from the lower self up to the Higher Self.

There are several reasons for this. First, when we associate breath and breathing with prayer we must have the lower self build up a surcharge of mana to carry the prayer up to the Higher Self. The middle self uses mana-mana (not just willpower here but focus, purpose and intention) to send the prayer to the lower self. The lower self must check the prayer out to be sure that it is not in conflict with what it knows and what is in our best interest.

If it finds that what we ask for is not in our best interest then it will block the prayer and keep it from going up to the Higher Self. This is a safeguard to protect us from asking for the wrong things, things that will cause hurt to us or others.

At the same time the lower self can also impede our prayer if it finds that the path to the Higher Self is blocked by previous hurt, guilt or feelings of sin or because we believe that we are unworthy of getting what we ask for. This may initially sound as if we are being sabotaged by our lower self, but this in not true. If we ask for something and it is given to us, we must be ready for it. How often do we see people get things, a new job, money, a new relationship when they are not ready for it? What generally happens? They misuse it, distort it or even destroy it. We must be ready for what we get and the lower self is merely trying to help us to not ask for things that we are not ready to really have, use and value correctly.

This is all part of the wisdom of the Intelligence of the Universe which has built in safety devices to support our evolution and growth with the least pain possible. The problem is we still need to learn our lessons and the Universe is set up to give us what we ask for even if we are not prepared for it, so we still do get what we ask for in life. The old saying, "Be sure of what you are asking for because you are liable to get it" certainly hold true here. In the next section, we will look at how and what we can ask for.

Creating What We Desire

Above we told you that you that the Universe is set up to give you everything you ask for. We can have anything we want. But how do we know what we want and how to we get exactly what we desire. The answer Huna gives us to this is Huna prayer. In this section we will look at how we can construct a Huna prayer and why we must construct it carefully and precisely. This is a subject that can fill books and so it is impossible to go into great depth at this point. Instead we are presenting an overview that will help you to get started. As you study more about Huna you will learn more and more about Huna prayer and how to make it work for you.

1. Creating a Clear Picture Of What We Desire

The process of creating what we desire is simple. First we create clear concise pictures or thought form of what we desire. These are the seeds.

In order for us to have a clear picture of what we desire we must think it out carefully and clearly before we offer it up as a prayer. We must be sure that it causes no harm or hurt to our self or another. Look at what happened to the Nazi's, what they asked for ended in a disaster and they were destroyed with it. This is a lesson one must learn for causing intentional hurt to another will always end in a disaster. Whether here in this life, or later in another life. Eastern philosophy refers to this concept as karma. In more modern times it is best symbolized by the saying, "What goes around comes around."

2. Planting the Seed

Next we must plant the seeds. As we stated above, this means preparing the soil for planting the seeds. The more we pray, the more we ask for the clear and stronger the path from the middle self to the lower self to the Higher Self. The more likely the Higher Self will know exactly what to do.

This preparation also includes clearing the path, or we could think of it as "tilling the soil." All blocks (rocks and birds-which eat seeds) must be removed. All previous hurt we have caused others must be eliminated. This is done by making amends, sacrifice and service. To do this we use rituals, meditation, breathing (which is vital in Huna) and a special cleansing process known as the Kala Rite.

Ultimately one learns that the best way to keep the path cleared of blocks is to prevent them from happening and to eliminate them as soon as they occur or whenever they are recognized to exist.

3. Breathe - Mana - Water

An expression which is often used in Huna is, "breathing life into what you desire." After the prayer has been prepared, we find a suitable site to present it. This can be anywhere that you wish. It could be in your church or in your home or at the beach or nearby park. Sitting comfortably, and begin breathing slowly in and out, deeply opening your chest as much as is possible and taking in as much air as you comfortably can. You visualize what you desire. See it as if it has already happened. If you desire a new house then see yourself opening the door and walking into it. Go into it, go from room to room. See yourself enjoying it, living in it. See it as yours, see yourself writing a check for the mortgage payment, see yourself cleaning it and working on it. See your family in it enjoying it and living live happily and fully within it.

It often helps to have a statement of what you desire written up and you read it while you are visualizing it. Long says that the lower self is very impressed by the written word. Isn't it so? People really do tend to believe what they see in print. "Writing is believing!" one journalist stated.

You must see what you desire as already being yours and you must do this as completely as you can, as if it has already happened. Never hex it with negative statements or thoughts. My mother would always say after asking for something, "With Gods help, he should only listen." I never really understood the negative impact that statement had until I became aware of the intention of, "he should only listen." Which left what was desired to someone else, to chance or to whether we had a reason that He should or should not be listening. Today, I would say, "So it be!" and nothing more.

4. Nurturing - Belief and Action

One does not just plant a seed in the ground and walk away and expect it to grow. We have to keep the garden free of weeds (another way of thinking about blocks and obstructions that might come along to block us from getting what we desire after we have already made our prayer), we must water (mana) the seedlings, provide manure or fertilizer (nourishment) to support its growth. We must watch it expectantly enjoying its growth and cheering it on.

Imagine what would happen if we dug up our seedling every day to see if it were really growing. What would happen if we didn't protect the seedlings and watch over them expectantly and positively? We must do whatever is necessary to make sure that they grow healthfully, but we must also not disturb them or create more blocks.

After you ask for something, it is only in process. While the most powerful kahuna could make things happen instantly we do not have such power and for us everything will take the time it must take to occur. We must pray (as we described above) on a regular basis. That might mean daily, or even twice or three times a day, depending on the circumstances. Our prayer must be presented in exactly the same way each time. It is important not to change what we are asking for or change the conditions that surround it. Both the lower self and the Higher Self can be thrown off target by changing the prayer. This is a good reason why it is best written down and why we use a picture instead of words they are both easier to control and keep clear.

We must believe that what we have asked for will manifest when the time is right. If we do not believe it will come to us or if we try to rush the results, then we will create a block to future prayers. Imagine asking strongly and positively for something one day and then the next day asking with doubt and reticence. To prevent this we must not only be clear about what we want but we must want it strongly.  

5. Will Power - Mana-Mana

To create positive action, positive belief and nurturing, we must use mana-man, our will power. We must be ready to be patient and wait, and as suggested above, be ready to do whatever is necessary to make our desires come true, without causing intentional hurt to another.

For example, if you want a college degree, you cannot just ask for it and expect to get it in the mail. You will have to enroll in a college, but not just in any college. You will have to do research to find the specific college that will give you the exact degree you desire. It will have to fit your budget or you will have to arrange for finances, and you may have to get a job or work part-time. You will have to go to classes, learn, pass examinations and depending whether you desired an A, B or C average you must do that level of work to end up with the grades you desire.

Often people ask for things and then are not willing to do the work to get it. They end up failing. They may then see themselves as failures. Also, people ask for the wrong things in life. Take the student whose father wanted him to be a doctor and he really was going to school for his father's desires. Chances are he won't ever become a doctor and if he does it is likely that he will be unhappy. He didn't do it because he wanted it, he did it to prove something to someone else. Once proven, the end result is no longer meaningful and it is let go.

Mana-mana must be used correctly and for the right thing or it will work against us. It must be used positively or it will also work against us. It must be used fully, with love and direction and with the support of a clear picture of what is desired, as well as the support of a well-structured Huna prayer. It will then give us exactly what we desire and it will help us to create ourselves to be successful, happy and healthy.

Sending Mana to the Higher Self - Mana Loa

The pathway for all Huna prayer is from the middle self to the lower self where blocks are encountered and brought to our attention. Once these blocks are cleared the lower self can send our prayer up to the Higher Self using a surcharge of mana we have created using our breath during the Huna prayer process. This process I have just described is often called the Ha Rite in Huna. Ha is the Hawaiian word for breath. It also represents the pathway, where breath is used to send our prayer up to the Higher Self.

Once the prayer reaches the Higher Self it is given Mana Loa or spiritual energy. The Higher Self cannot decide whether what we ask for is right or not. This had to have been done by the middle self first and then by the lower self. Once the prayer reaches the Higher Self and Mana Loa is given to it what is desired will manifest.

The Higher Self has the power to change the fabric of time and space. It is outside of the laws of the material realm and hence can give us everything and anything we ask for. It does this by changing the future from which was going to be based on our previous decisions and choices, to what we are now asking for in the new picture of what we desire. Here once again, you can see how important it is that we think through what we ask for.

Any decision we make will affect others. Take as an example a young executive who desires a promotion. He wants to be vice president of his company. He prays for it daily. He thinks about it twenty-four hours a day every day. He works for it as hard as he can. All of this sounds commendable and even admirable.

However, he did not consider the effect of his actions on others. In order to get the job of vice president, the vice president has to leave his job. If he is not careful, he can change the future of the present vice president in a negative way. He may not also have considered his family or whether his workaholic attitude is good for himself or for the company. It may help him to solidify getting the job he so desires, but it may cause his wife to feel lonely, she may ultimately divorce him and his children may feel as if their father does not care for them. His children may end up growing up fatherless. I think you can get the picture here.

No prayer should ever be made without considering how it will affect all of the other people involved. Our young executive could still have the job if he sees the present vice president getting a better and more valuable position (in or out of the present company) and if he would include his wife's and children's needs for him and his time as part of the process. He can structure his contract to have time to be with his family, and structure his relationship so that he indeed spends quality time with his family. This is the role of the clear concise picture and the mana-mana to make sure that all of these ends are taken care of. When he does get his promotion, he will not just get a job but he will improve his life and better himself.

Cleansing and Purification  

Earlier we suggested that we might have blocks and complexes that could obstruct the pathway and limit what we can get from our Huna prayer. We likened it to karma and that when we have create blocks and complexes they can leave us (particularly the lower self) feeling unworthy, guilty or as if we had sinned.
These blocks must be eliminated if we are to free up the pathway and be able to get everything we want
out of life. Eliminating these blocks is important to us for they are also the cause of illness, misfortune, accidents and injury and they block our emotional and spiritual growth.

There are many ways of finding and eliminating these blocks and complexes. How we feel, what we get or don't get in life, how we react to other people, our physical well-being, illnesses (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) are all clues. We must look for them and listen to our body and we will find them.

The ancients knew, however, that this was a long drawn out task, which while important, especially to those who are in the process of evolving spiritually, is generally less important to the average individual. Simply stated, if you wish to reach for and find your highest and best self and evolve upward to become a Higher Self in a future existence, then you must find all of your conflicts, blocks and complexes and then resolve and eliminate them. If, on the other hand, you just want to make it through this life getting as much good as you can then there is a short cut. This short cut can also be used for the simpler problems by the first group as it is just as valid a way of eliminating blocks and complexes as any other.

This process is for cleaning and purifying ourselves. We referred to it as the Kala Rite earlier. It encompasses all that we have just said in the paragraphs above. We can find the conflicts one at a time and solve them or we can use a ritual process usually including fire or water or both to impress upon the lower self that we have washed them away or burned them up.

Once again this topic would take a book of its own to do real justice to it, however a few examples will give you a good idea of what it is all about. The ritual of Baptism is clearly a Kala Rite. The individual is ceremonially bathed (or dunked) and his or her sins are washed away. Washing ones hand eliminates bacteria, but when used in church and Holy Water is poured over the hands it represents a washing away of sins, guilt, anger, rage and fear. Jesus washed the feet of his disciples (remember, water is a symbol for mana or life force energy) and washed away their sins preparing them for their ministries.

When I use Huna prayer, I always include a small ritual in which I use water which I have blessed, thereby making it Holy Water to wash before I present my prayer. This can be done symbolically as well. Sometimes when I am not in a place to use real water I will imagine a decanter of Holy Water and I will at a point in my prayer process symbolically pour the water over my body, washing away my sins, blocks and complexes.

Fire can also be used. This can be in the form of incense or sage or other smudge sticks. Smudging the air and all around your body and as with the water commanding the lower self to forgive and let go of specific feelings of sin, guilt, anger, rage or other form of negativity. It can be used in a general way as well simply telling the lower self to cleanse itself or that "with this action of fire (and/or water) I cleanse myself of all sins, guilt, anger fear, rage, hostility or negative thoughts or beliefs whether I know about them or not."

As much as anything in life it is a state of mind. Commanding the lower self to take action is acceptable to the lower self, especially when it is done with love and respect to the lower and middle selves. The lower self expects commands from the middle self, it wants to please the middle self so it will do what is asked of it.

Rituals - Chanting, Taking Action

Above I mentioned the use of rituals on several occasions this is because the lower self loves and needs rituals. Rituals are extremely important to it. Like a child it knows what to expect and it can count on what comes next and therefore will more likely cooperate and makes happen what is asked of it.

Rituals abound around us. Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, church services, business, the doctor's office, schools and even television, all have rituals associated with them. If we break the ritual, it makes people uncomfortable. If we were to eat the birthday cake before we sang happy birthday people would feel as if something was wrong. When you went to school what happened when you were late or were not paying attention. Try being late to work, going outside of the chain of command or wearing boxer shorts on the outside of your clothing and see what it does to people.

Rituals can be complex or simple, elaborate and ornate or plain, it doesn't matter. It only depends on what you are used to. If you are creating prayer rituals then think it out clearly before you start. While there is room for exploration, too much exploration can cause confusion and diminish your results.

My ritual for presenting my Huna prayer is to find a quite, warm and comfortable place. Usually on my living room sofa or outside on my patio facing west. Which I chose depends on the time of day and the weather.

I sit quietly until I am centered and then I recite the Lord's Prayer. When I have completed this, I begin to breathe in and out slowly and deeply. I give a command to my lower self (very important) to build up a charge of mana and have it ready to send with my prayer. I use the fire and water cleansing I discussed above to cleanse myself as I enter into prayer. Next, I recite my prayer for the day, visualizing what I am asking for as I say or read it. When I have completed it, I command my lower self to send the prayer along with the surcharge of mana it has been building first to it (the lower self) and then up to Higher Self. Next, I sit quietly until my inner voice tells me that my prayer has been heard by my Higher Self and it is time to go on with the business of the day.

This, for me, is a very simple and easy to remember ritual that I can do virtually anywhere and anytime. It requires no complex preparation nor does it have elaborate parts that can be forgotten, mixed up or confused. The lower self likes order, simplicity and repetition. I generally pray twice a day, however, I do not always send the same prayer each time.

What You Can and Cannot Pray For

Since we often want a number of things at the same time it is a good idea to learn to not overwhelm or confuse your prayers. If you want a puppy and a new job these two things will generally have little or nothing to do with each other (even though everything is indeed truthfully interconnected). To ask for a puppy and a new job in the same prayer might confuse the lower self (that is unless you want your new job to be puppy sitting or working in a pet store, etc.). Therefore, you create two separate prayers. The idea is that the lower self can then see that while you want both they are in fact, not connected. You might present one prayer (say for the job) in the morning and the other (for the puppy) in the evening or vice versa.

We have already told you that your prayer should be well thought out so that it cannot cause hurt to another. However, this cannot be understated, nor stated enough. When you create negative prayers the Universal Law will hold you accountable and you will ultimately end up receiving like kind results.

Other then these restrictions, you can ask for anything you desire. The Higher Self, unlike the lower self, is not judgmental. If you want an expensive car great, but do not have the means to keep it up, pay for insurance or support it. You can, of course, ask for all of this either at the same time or separately. You can ask for sex, drugs, money, power, you can ask for all of these just be clear about how they will change your life and what effect they will have on you and your family. Just look around you and see what these things do to people. See how their life becomes changed when they are not prepared for what they get.

Whatever you desire prepare yourself for it. Live with it for a while in your imagination. If you want a new car see yourself driving it, but also see yourself taking it in for repairs, see what it costs and how it affects your income, how your family will be affected and what it will do to your life. Do not do this exercise with the intention of talking yourself into or out of buying the car, but rather it is a kind of due diligence in which you try it on honestly and see what happens to you, your family and the rest of your world if you get this new car.

Putting Huna to Work for You on an Every Day Basis

Once you understand how to make a Huna prayer and how it works on your life you can begin to use it to create for yourself everything you want in your life. Used correctly it can greatly improve your financial, social and living standard, but it can also improve your spiritual world. One way to help this along is to always ask for something for others whenever you ask for something for yourself.

In the example of the man who wanted to be vice president if he asks for the present vice president to improve his situation and get what he has always wanted he is in a sense praying to the vice presidents Higher Self asking it to use this situation to give its man what he needs next in his life. He is not telling his Higher Self to find a new job for the man, he is not specifically asking for him to take over the job of president (which might cause a conflict with the present president), even if the job is opening up because he cannot be in a position to know what is best for him. Only his (that is the vice president's) Higher Self can know that.

You can also prayer for good things to happen to family members, friends or acquaintances. You can pray for the poor, or the community or for world peace but always the same rules apply. Don't ask for specific things, ask for its Higher Self (or in the case of a group, like a community or club, its Poe Aumakua) to decide for it what is in its best interest. But ask and call upon its Higher Self to give it what is needed. By doing this you indirectly enlist the aid of the other's Higher Self, you impress your lower self that you are doing charity, you are paying back old debts and it is telling your Higher Self that you are worthy of having what you desire.

Is there More?

Certainly there is much more to Huna. It would be impossible to go much deeper without writing a book so I have included a list of books that are presently available at your local book store or you ask your book store to order for you.

Huna is a powerful and valuable tool not only for people on the spiritual path but for the rest of us everyday people who just want to make our life better. It can be used with great value for healing ourselves of just about any illness and it answers some of the most interesting, common and complex questions that we may from time to time ask ourselves.

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